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(Dedicated to all teachers of SMK Gadong)


Teachers ....

You are the second parents

And also our friends

You are the best

Without you, we shall never succeed


Teachers ...

You are always in my heart

Who give us advice

To study very hard



You are very important to us

The light of our lives

You teach us

what is right or wrong

I’ll never forget your guidance



How big your contribution to us

Try to explain everything

And give us knowledge

Just to make us understand

More and more lessons...


By Rukiah Gudiman



My Village

My lovely village with the rice field spread wide

The river water glistens like glass

Flowing gently from the high lands to the sea

My village smiles a beautiful smile

The sun shines his brightest rays

The birds whistle here and there enchantingly

The farmers are busy harvesting the paddy

At my village, everything is impressive and exciting

A day comes and a day goes by

My village will someday change her face

Gravel stones will change to asphalt roads

Then, everyone will rush back to my village soon

My village will become a town

Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly

People will discuss science and technology via internet

Not anymore, about fish, flood and flimsy wages


Created just for you by

Dg. Arena binti Kadir (4 Ikhtisas)



Windows 2000

I hope for an odd chance

To get me through this wretched room

Breaking the wave into the next millenium

Making it big, as big as the Melissa syndrome

I foresee my chance there

In a hall full of people

I rush for the mike and start to speak

My head spins and everything's bleak

Wow, it's very hard to succeed.


All by myself,

Scarab of 4 teknologi